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02 May 2010

Mum's secret beef curry recipe

I stretch my back as I stand up after saying the family prayer. Mum sighs (and I suppose she's praying that we all convert)and complains about her sore ankles and Big bro stretches his legs only to sit back and put them on the table in front of the sofa. I yawn as I know exactly what I have to do next - heat the food and set the table for dinner. That's when Mum asks the most fateful question which means more work: "Do you want beef curry for dinner?"

Me: Naaaaaa!!!
Big bro: I wouldn't mind!
Me: (Groan!)

I settle down to peel and cut the onion and ginger as Mum rants away the instructions, "A little turmeric powder, two spoons green - coloured powder and a little chilli powder and a little of those garam masala you unnecessarily bought the other day. Add a few pieces of tomato to make it more tasty". I nod and say "huh!" at all the right intervals. When she starts putting the powders aside in a small plate I wish to say, "MUM, I'm not a RETARD!!!" but instead I simply say, "Harump!!! If Mum's doin that, Mum might as well make it Mumself!"
Amazingly, the curry came out fine. Not an amazing thing considering the fact that I didn't do any different than instructed by the chef of my life - Super Mum!
And here's how I made it:
Step 1: Heat a little oil and fry the onion, garlic, ginger, green chilli and later on a few curry leaves.
Step 2: a little turmeric powder, two spoons green powder, a spoon red chilli powder and garam masala.
Step 3: Add the cooked beef.
Step 4: Add a few big cut pieces of tomato (not necessary, but it does reduce the curry's spiciness). If necessary, add a little boiled water. Add salt to taste and voila, your curry is ready!

P.S.: You could prepare chicken the same way too. It tastes yummy!

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