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04 December 2007


when i was too little to understand feelings i read somewhere that if you got too emotionally laden you could diffuse them by simply hugging a tree. "what stupidity!" i thought then. but trust me, it works. i just happened to do just that several years later when i had this HUGE crush on somebody and didn't tell anybody, save a few close friends, about the helped me to safely discard the time-bomb in me that went tick-tick........ there was also this other instance when i was so full of frustration and anger that i ran to a tree and gave this enormous bear hug. i felt like my emotions were washed away and replaced with the yearning to forgive. trees seem to have some kind of healing power. don't know if it's the aura we've got that helps us stay tuned with mother earth or it's just a feeling of security we get when we hug something that has life........hmmm, or maybe it's just me losing my marbles!

P.S.: maybe i should start a "hug-a-tree" therapy once i'm a qualified shrink........