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31 October 2007

living with psychotis and neurotics

AWWWW! it's an effort to write in my blog nowadays.for one thing, i can't think properly.(must be having some kind of thought disorder, or is it because i had to take a detailed seminar on thought disorders, i'm thinking that way?) another reason is, i don't really know how safe it is to write things on the blog anymore?....i mean, it's real creepy and utterly confusing.....anyways, here goes........(holding my breath) was an awesome day...especially when considering the fact that we had two sucking tests, a confusing practical assignment to complete, and i had an impossible seminar to take and all of us got through it without much of a fuss....well, like they say, "all's well that end's well"...the crowning glory came when Mr. Doctor(don't mistake him for my family doctor...Mr.Doctor is a qualified doctor and a fellow classmate) gave us all a treat at the end of the day......Mr.Optimistic was particularly funny too today....apart from a few comments that totally changed my mood(aha, dark clouds gathering in the sky!), i'll never forget those innocent round eyes that questioningly looked at the rest of us while we were in fits of laughter because of the entire absurdity of the situation........

well, it all began when we were dreading to write a test on the central nervous system(coz we hadn't prepared for it, as usual)...when we suggested to the teacher in-charge that we'd simply discuss what we've learnt (we ended up reading out everything from the assignment sheet we were all clinging on to like dear life ) and help each other out if one of us missed a particular point.....Mr. Optimistic had no idea about what was written where...poor thing.....when asked to list out the functions of the central nervous system, he says in a hesistant small voice,"1st function....m.......hmmm..........motor function" and tries to get a secretive peep into Mr.Doctor's laptop..........when the teacher in-charge smiles knowingly and says , " be more clear about it"(as in, please elaborate), the great Mr. Optimistic clears his throat, sits up straight and says,......." MOTOR CO-ORDINATION".......awww man! the entire situation and atmosphere seemed so funny and ridiculous that all of us, including the teacher who vowed to keep her face straight, were howling.......

i even played a nice game of badminton after coming back from college......with my hands windmilling in opposite directions, i managed to hit the cursed cock a good number of times.....hurray!!.........and now, it's about time to snuggle in bed and read the book my big bro gifted me......ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!