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24 April 2010


I'm experimenting in the kitchen these days and guess what I tried making a few weeks back when my adorable little cousins were staying at my place...ICE CREAM!!!I purchased a packet of Baker's ice cream powder and started making it. I looked at the instructions written behind it and thought to myself, "Piece of cake. Ha!" The instructions went like this,
"Take 200ml of chilled milk in a deep vessel and contents of the pack (100gms). Whip for 10-15 mins for 6-8 mins with an interval of one min after every three minutes to get upto 2-3 times the volume of the soft cream."
I was slightly confused about the timings though. I had to re-read it several times over to make sure. Apart from that it was the most easiest thing to make. The flavour was pista and voila, I had it chilled for 3 hours and ready to serve along with the fruit salad I had made. My darling Sis was surprised that I made delicious ice cream so easily and everything seemed so easy to do until she asked me a question - "Hmmm, Ponzi, how much did the ice cream powder cost you?" to which I answered, "hhmmm, don't think it was much, hmmmm, dunno really". For your kind information Mr.Reader, it costed Rs33!! If you are a miser, you'd also remember that I had to pay for the milk too!!! And if you are a truly stingy miser, you'd also calculate the number of cup ice creams you could've bought with the same amount of money.
The next time I went to the super market to do some shopping, I bought Kwality's ice cream powder only because it had the "Buy one get one free" offer. The instructions on it were a little more complicated. It went like this,
"Dissolve the contents of the packet in half litre of milk and heat the mixture till it boils stirring continously, till it boils.
Remove and cool. Stir frequently while cooling.Transfer it into an aluminium container and freeze for two hours.
Then remove and beat for 2-3 mins until smooth. Pour into tray and freeze."

I mumbled and grumbled while making the ice cream because it seemed forever while I continuously stirred the mix over and over again. The apple pudding for which the ice cream was supposed to be the topping was easier to make. The apple pudding was yum yummy and I didn't have the patience to wait for the ice cream to freeze and so I served the pudding anyways.


Dr Roshan R said...

best Ive managed were the easy jellies and the custard :)

Ice cream is better off bought.. in general, u can never consider a kid that homemmade ice cream isbetter than branded ones :)

RENI said...

yea ur rite! my lil cus was so sweet so as to call me a good "cooker" although he secretly wished i'd simply buy a Kwality's ice cream 4 him!! but hey, i'm gettin professional now!!! i've cooked pasta n ask big bro how it tasted :-) (trying to be modest here)