If you wanna kno something interesting about yourself, send me a sample of your handwriting (a page at least) and allow me to tell you what I see-as in, pieces of your personality maybe.

26 September 2007


today was a really ordinary day...missed the morning prayer as usual and tried hard hiding behind dharshana so that sister(bless her name) won't ask why i wasn't there for the morning prayer...tried to swallow the upumau that threatened to get stuck in my throat like fevicol...stuffed all the books on my table and hurried off to college...slept in class with my eyes open...and freaked around when teachers were not around (my classmates are simply cool in that aspect)...

the last two lab hours weren't so bad though...our teacher in-charge made the big mistake of leaving us all alone in the lab...that's when everyone started being REALLY contribution was a drawing on kiran's stinking feet(ugh!)...told him not to take a bath before taking a nice clear picture of my work of art...

P.S. : special thanks to kiran for giving me the permission to publish the picture of his "royal" feet...

24 September 2007


since classes have started and i'm back in college, i can't help but think of a list of things to write posts on...i've got a whole new bunch of classmates now(i.e. almost-two of them were my old classmates), and it's like starting all over again... somehow everything is different, even though the college is the same...for one thing, there's just 11 of us, all seated around a single large table, very much like a conference table, with the teacher seated at the head. another major difference is that we've got to take classes since each of us are assigned a topic in every subject and are given marks on the basis of the seminars we present and the assignments we submit. since most of us are taking our first blundering steps in this area, there's quite a lot of funny things happening during each presentation if one is able to look at the humourous side of it...maybe i shouldn't speak out my mind at the moment...don't wanna make enemies of the few new friends i've just got...that ain't right...

07 September 2007

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night!

well, it's time to go back to the place i call my third home... surprisingly technology finds it hard to thrive there and whatever techie advancements are being made, slowly deteoriates...frequent power cuts, the motor out of order, phone always dead, computer almost NEVER works...the list can go on. to top it all, none of us are allowed to use any kind of electronic gadgets unless we've got to do calculations (red lights-EMERGENCY!!!woooouuwww woooouuuwww) and are in need of the calculator. sniff!!sniff!!!i'm gonna embrace the pre-historic means of communication for a few months(till christmas hols starts). uga buga ega!