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11 May 2010


I saw this on TV while I was having breakfast today morning and I thought the recipe is worth a try. It's suppossed to be a Gujurati preparation of mutton. I started salivating (although I had food in front of me) when the host mentioned mutton.

Step 1: Boil the mutton and allow it to cook.

Step 2: Prepare the paste from the following items:
Garam masala: grind the wholesome ingredients on the stone grinder so that the pieces show.
Add a cup and a half of curd
One teaspoon of chilli powder
Eeeeh, there was something else too!

Step 3: Add in another "red powder" which adds a little flavour and a lot of colour.

Step 4: Mix everything together. And oh! after straining the mutton or something like that. But then the broth was added on later on. What's after that?

AAAaaah!!! I don't REMEMBER anything now!!! Phew!

Sheesh! I got it all mixed up! Maybe if you follow the following link you'll get an alternative recipe I'm planning to try out myself:

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