If you wanna kno something interesting about yourself, send me a sample of your handwriting (a page at least) and allow me to tell you what I see-as in, pieces of your personality maybe.

18 November 2007


yesterday was simply marvellous!...we went for the 2007 year hostel tour and rocked.....all that dancing and singing and acting stupid was fun....
the sun-kissed beach: we jumped when the waves hit the shore and splashed water on each other.........stood on the rocks and took snaps......wrote names on the mud before the waves could wash it off(i even drew a heart with an arrow stuck in it)..........sang like drunkards just like shipwrecked pirates.....
lunch: we sat down beside a small church and had lunch, and then sat on the high rocks and watched the crows come down at the sight of abandoned food and occasionally threw stones at them if they got too near........
jew's village: saw a lot of "strange" people......couldn't categorize them as such.......looked like north indians, spoke both malayalam and broken english, and were rumoured to have jewish blood......there were also a lot of foreigners (who weren't dressed decently enough to enter the holy place of worship of the jewish people)..........the accessories were great but costed the earth....
boating and willington island: saw a lot of large cargo ships and navy ships......saw the vehicle that was built during the indian-pak war and was programmed to set-off missiles.....saw dolphins(greyish-blue ones) which is usually a rare sight and made us all shout with glee....went to the loermost cabin on the boat with two other conspirators and re-emerged outside(through a small hole in the cabin) so that we were able to lean against the lower-most railing and almost touch the sea water(we were nearly grounded for that.....our guide was scared to death man!.........he said that if the police sees it, they'd send him to jail).....

04 November 2007


I’ve been thinking a lot about “suckers”, lately…you know, those kind of people who’d do anything to be influential and famous and admired by everyone and anyone and try to be the centre of attraction, all at once….they come in many forms, mind you….
Type A (the beggar):
I’ll do anything for you, provided you loooooooveeeee me ….and hey, you can use me as your door mat too to rub your feet on….i’ll do anything my love but just give me a little of your love….pleeeeeease! (yuck!sucks big time!)

Type B (the joker):

I'm ready to make myself a fool in front of everybody and anybody...hey, what better and easier way of being popular....i mean nobody can forget about the funny guy/gal who pokes jokes on others even though it hurts others at times....and you don't need brains for it...... (get a life, man!)

Type C (the false egoist):

The world is waiting for a dynamic person like me....i'm beautiful, talented and have the charm....everybodyelse is dumb, stupid and ugly......just one smile, a simple word and that guy/gal will fall at my feet..... (have a good look at your inner self and you'll realise how ugly you actually are!)

Type D (the diplomat):

you flatter me and make me known, and i'll do the same for you....(you're wasting your time)