If you wanna kno something interesting about yourself, send me a sample of your handwriting (a page at least) and allow me to tell you what I see-as in, pieces of your personality maybe.

29 April 2007


it's amazing how most parents have the great talent of telling the exact wrong words at exactly the wrong time. tis somethin of a natural inborn tendency or urge. they don't seem to be able to control themselves. the most irritating part is the way they seem to sometimes appear very cool and casual about it. And when we flare up because of the injustice of it all they ask us in a more or less friendly manner or at times utterly shocked or confused manner, "why are you getting so angry about it?"
pah!!life can be made very miserable without anything to really bother you.
Well, here's an example:
Scene 1: I'm peacefully sitting in front of the computer and watching the movie -The Lord of The Rings- (wearing the headphones and all), when Mum comes in and asks me to help her a little with the chores.
Mum: you could be a bit more cheerful when your helping your mother, you know.
Me: mumble,mumble...(she could have asked me to do it before i sat in front of the computer and when i had absolutely nothing to do)
Scene 2: i finally finish doing the eennyyy wwiiinny chores in the kitchen and go back to the movie.
Mum comes along....
Mum: oh my God, the old man's a bad guy!
Me: no, mummy. The old man no. 1 is a good guy (Gandalf). this is another old man, old man no. 2 (Saruman).
Mum: hum...thum...ugh...phew....(during the fighting scenes)
Me: mumble, mumble..(can't mum just leave me alone....)
Mum: and the little children go on...
Me: they are not children mummy, they're hobbits...little hmmm..... creatures...not little homosapiens
Mum: HOBBITS! whatever that is! (in that most irritating surprise intonation)
Mum: why are you getting angry... i was just asking...
Me: and i was telling it to you louder to make you understand...
Mum: but you also look angry...don't you know it's so obvious when you get angry..blah, blah. blah, should know how to control your emotions...blah, blah, blah... it is important to respect your parents...blah, blah, blah.....
Me: but...
Mum: listen to me....blah, blah, blah.......
i shut up and try to concentrate on the movie
Me to myself: shit! this wouldn't have happened if i had not said anything in the first place and looked calm and composed.

27 April 2007


hey there!!! just wanna introduce myself and the purpose of this blog briefly. i must admit, the 1st time i was introduced to this blog buisness i wasn't really interested. i'm not in the least a person who knows how to express his/her ideas in writing (or rather typing). must also admit the fact that i'm quite ignorant in expressing my thoughts in any way. but one thing i realised was that all bloggers do get a chance to go on and on blabbering about what interests them and what may at the same time bore the majority.hey, you can't interrupt me in any way, even if you wanted to, can you? i could go on and on typing without disrupting your freedom (you could simply ignore me entirely with just a click of the mouse).
Now, coming to the purpose of this blog. it's clear from the name that i'd be publishing things of no great importance but at the same time give you something to muse on. Something that does not have substance, may not be able to get you a job, or extra cash, or the girl /guy of your dreams,or anything that is important to you. for those who are very particular about the english grammar and vocabulary, i must warn you, don't be surprised if i make huge blunders while communicating.......grammar was never my strong point....i just use words and phrases that sounds good....your corrections are always welcome. i'm the kind of person who learns from mistakes.
bitey bye for now