If you wanna kno something interesting about yourself, send me a sample of your handwriting (a page at least) and allow me to tell you what I see-as in, pieces of your personality maybe.

14 July 2008

Travelling by bus is one of the most irritating things i've got to constantly go through in life. Waiting for the right bus is irritating enough especially if you have a heavy load to carry and you know that you look tired, disoriented and stupid. The luggage ofcourse is sometimes used as a weapon to force my way through the rush and crowd without being touched in the "wrong" places...when i am finally in the bus, i'll have to literally struggle to get a seat, or atleast find a decent place to stand...what with my load and harrassed look, all the "elderly", "wise" women will be looking at me soberly and i know i'm obliged to give them a "sorry" look (now it's different ofcourse....i've forgotten how to look polite)...when the bus starts to fill, and leans to one side because of the weight, i realize that i don't have the space to stand on my 2 feet firmly...there's something wet and sticky on my face, and i understand that it's the oil from the oil-soaked hair of the lady standing in front of me...some don't really bother about the injury their own hands and legs bring about when trying to survive in the oxygen-depleted-bus...when suddenly, the brakes are stepped on, everybody falls forward (just like it's predicted in the"law of inertia")...the consequences basically depends on the body built of those around me...either i'll be smashed to pulp, or i'll be poked in the ribs, or my body may be in danger of being split into 2 from the waist downwards(if a short stout lady happens to be standing behind me and falling forward)...the unfortunate girls or ladies pushed to the back, where the men are standing, will be trying desperately to get away from the clutches of those "losers" who seem to be forever touching or stroking "by mistake"...when i finally reach my destination, i wade through the sea of people to get to the exit, bags and all...after checking if i'm still in one piece, i'm glad that i've finally made it and that i'm out...but this feeling of accomplishment and relief is not enough to bring me to a state of ecstasy when i'm on my way to the next bus...


It's sure difficult to catch up with life and with what goes around...sometimes i feel like my head is spinning round and round....i've got so many things to think about, but i know i'm getting nowhere....i've got so many things to do, i've left a lot of things undone, and worst of all i sometimes feel that i'm behind in the rat race...oflate, life has taught me a lot, but for some reason i feel that i'm also missing out on a lot...for some reason, i feel that i'm not smart enough to learn and remember everything i'm taught...there are things i want to do...things i want to make...things i want to discover...things i want to invent...but at the end of it all, i give up and accept the fact tht it's okay to be "dumb" once in awhile and relaaaaaxxxxxx....i am still who i am, and nothing is gonna change that!!!