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10 May 2010


I was always crazy about mangoes. I don't remember the very first time I had this delicious fruit but I believe that if I knew about mangoes right after I came out of my mother's womb I would've whined for mango milk shake. One of those wonderful experiences I remember of my childhood years are those in which my Mum would peel and cut delicious, big, yellow mangoes while the three of us would sit around her with our mouths watering. It was understood among us that the one peeling gets to lick the skin of the mango, the rest of us gets an equal share of the pieces (not more or less) and the one who does the major sacrifice of having a slightly lesser share gets the seed to lick. It was always my Sis who'd do that since I was always too greedy for my rightful share and my Bro was always too lazy to lick.
As we grew up we were ready to take up our share of responsibilities and it was Sis who'd do the peeling and cutting when Mum was busy (since she's a girl and I was not really good with the knife). Being the "peeler" she had the right to lick the skin and I'd say, "hey, you are not being careful! There's a lot of pulp on that skin your peeling. Be more CAREFUL!!!"


Ajan said...

My mom used to peel and cut pieces the size of an eraser.. ;)
Just yesterday, I bought some. A whiff was enough to send me reeling back to childhood memories.. :)

RENI said...

there r these evil vendors on the streets of bnglr wid the secret mission of tempting us to buy more n more mangoes!