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05 September 2009


Haven't been blogging for a long time, I know and I am to blame for it. I have decided to take full, and I say full responsibility for what happens to me. I have decided that I have come of age and it's about time I control my own life. From this time onwards what happens to me depends on how smart I am able to deal with the situation and NOT on how smart my parents are. Now that my Master's course is going to get over in the next few days, I've got to jump to another phase of my life and start to take the initiative to do something. Well, I've already started to take action, and I'm working on Plan A. If Plan A does not work, I know I should not feel disappointed and I've got to work on a Plan B. This one month will decide what I'll be doing for the next one year and frankly, I'm nervous. It's the turning point in my life and I'm not going to passively sit back just waiting for my parents to get a perfect guy to marry me. I'm going to speak up and tell them exactly what I feel so that they can understand.

But one thing is for sure, "With Freedom comes Responsibility!"

In the meantime, I'm learning how to cook and my mum's my guide. Since I'm not so used to doing the cooking, I am "all thumbs" and mum's getting exasperated. Now, I make the breakfast and tea everyday and I'm doing okay, I guess. At least I don't burn the bread nowadays and I think I deserve a pat on my back! The tea has the right proportion of tea leaves, milk and sugar and I don't wrinkle my nose when I drink my own tea. The rest...well, I' ve developed a few defense mechanisms which will help me survive mum's wrath for the time being:

1. Don't sulk when mum scolds you. Don't try smiling through your frustration either, because your mum knows you best. Just maintain an innocent blank expression and just make sure you don't look stupid either or else mum will have the impression you can't look after yourself.

2. When mum asks you if you need some help while you are cooking, just gracefully accept it because she knows when things will start getting difficult and she's only trying to make your dish taste good.

3. Initially, when you are a beginner at this job, don't think you can leave something on the stove and get back to it at the right time. Just hang around, put on some music and give those vocal cords some exercise while you watch the kettle on the stove.

4. You can try being daring now and then but not always, because if things go wrong continuously it might dampen your enthusiasm.

5. Agree to clean up after everything is over since it is a symbolic gesture which says, "I can handle things myself, don't worry!"



Ram said...

Good one!
All the best for plan A and maybe Plan B!
And... that was a good list of things that will be helpfull for several daughters.

Reni said...

u kno wat?...just coz ur a guy, doesn't mean u can't help moommy in da kitchen!!....but if u still dun't wanna, pass on these tips 2 ur daughter n say, "an ol buddy(i'll b old by then) told daddy these tips"