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23 August 2007

Gosh! i'll just get over with it now... Mr.Ram tagged me for everybody's kind information and so here goes...

1. Which song is being played in your mind rite NOW?

Ordinary Day-Vanessa Carlton....Why? coz i'm BORED!

2. One song that describes your life.... (no self made compositions please!)

Time of Your Life-Green Day...Why again? i seem to be wishing everyone around me the best, and all of them seem to be getting what they want while i'm stuck here in a place i very much want to get away from.

3. The song you listen to most on your i-pod/ MP3/ cell/ PC/ etc

Breathless-the corrs... why yet again?i never get bored of the beats

4. A song that describes best the following stages in your life:
School days - as long as you love me - BSB
Friends - wannabe-by spice girls
Your mood rite now - Numb - linkin park

5. Your all time favorite song, and the reason for it... maybe some memory/ some funny story/etc!!!

1000 miles-Vanessa Carlton...naaa, not giving the reason for this one

6. A song you wish you hadn't heard!!!

can't think of any right now....bang!bang! sorry but my brains ain't working

7. A song that would best describe..... me (hey, I took pains to tag you, I guess I deserve this ;-) )

Hey there delilah-Plain White T's...tis the kind of song i suppose, u wud sing 2 ur girlfriend...the singer sounds oh sooooo lazy but genuine...

8. (I just cudn't miss this!!!) If you were in an elevator with Himesh Reshammiya and Altaf Raja, you would..........(plz plz plz..... something funny!!!)
naaaa, i'm findin it difficult to b funny @ da moment...have no clue who they r....n soo i'm not answerin this one....

hehe now here goes...
i'm gonna tag ajan and rose (ur turn big sissy. let's make this grand)


Roshan R said...

hilarious post..

Reni said...

hmmmm...mayb i shud start ritin on sumthin which has sum kind of substance in it...yea?

Rejoy said...

multiple tags?!! u are getting a cult following :)

Reni said...

he he...u think i'm big enof 2 start 1?...huh?

Margaret (Ritty) said...

If you were in an elevator with Himesh Reshammiya and Altaf Raja i wud do d world a favor n strangle thm so tat thyd nvr sing agian!! (as if thy can now!)