If you wanna kno something interesting about yourself, send me a sample of your handwriting (a page at least) and allow me to tell you what I see-as in, pieces of your personality maybe.

02 February 2010


What with a million things to talk about and a million sources through which information can be sought and cross checked it’s very easy nowadays to sit down and do a little of ‘article writing’ during leisure time. For people like me going through circumstances I’m going through at the moment, it’s even more easier…well, if I can face the consequences of neglecting my mum’s bickering and her constant flow of worries. Hmmmm, I must admit that she has a good number of reasons to worry about but I can’t really figure out how these problems can be solved by constantly bickering at me. Well, I’m trying to react to it in different ways to find out what actually will work. I’m experimenting in a way to figure out what can actually stop people like mum from nagging. Maybe I can write a whole new book for youngsters out there on how to deal with problematic nagging mums. While I do research on that let’s go through something else…something revealing and insightful. You should be ready for this because today you are going to find out that THERE IS A WRITER IN EVERY ONE OF US! Believe it or not, but it would be very interesting if all of us maintained a diary and wrote down what we feel and think. It’s interesting to know how some things can seem rational and common sense to some but irrational and nonsensical to others. For instance, you must have come across people saying, “Awww, man you are weird!, “I don’t understand you!”, “What makes you think so?” “From where do you get such cool ideas?”, “Did I miss something?”, etc. I’ve heard my share of the mentioned statements and I’ve often impatiently pushed it back thinking that I could answer those questions later. I sometimes light heartedly say that I’m different because I predominantly use the right cerebral hemisphere (I’m a left handed weirdo) unlike the majority who predominantly use the left hemisphere and are right handed. That’s of course a very unscientific way of explaining things but there are times when one’s patience run out and we answer silly regardless of who exactly we are talking to . The truth is we are ALL different and we can’t help it. That’s the reason why the way we all think is interesting to each other and we should pen it down often.

A friend of mine was very attached to her “phaw phow” (which she very fondly calls her belly button). I was curious about what made her feel so nice meddling with it while sleeping, talking over the phone or even while reading a book. When I irritatedly mentioned to her once that I thought she could do without it she retorted back saying, “How would you feel if you were deprived of your pillow while you were sleeping?”. I was exasperated but I knew that if it turned out to be a problem later on, she’d have to learn it the hard way

In the past few years I’ve made a casual observation of the people around me and how they think and how their kind of thinking makes them work or rather move on with life. It would be an interesting read if people who you come across everyday writes down what they think and why. It’s what psychologists would call the method of introspection – a method in which you observe what goes on inside you and record it in words. Of course there will be numerous instances when we are not honest to even ourselves and we rationalize everything we do, but that’s a mistake we’ll have to bear with because we are all understandably human. It’s not technically a scientific method – something which even practicing psychoanalysts agree to. Not convinced? Ok. How would you test/examine whether the colleague next to you showed you his answer paper during a very important exam because he wanted to genuinely help you out or merely because he wanted to feel belonged or accepted? Confusing, huh? This is where getting to know the personality of a person helps – helps to know how he thinks. Since everyone has a unique personality shaped by genes and the environment all can write something interesting for the benefit of the rest of us. Go ahead and give it a try buddy!


Ajan said...

u really put a hell lot of thought into this..

Agree with you completely here.. Besides all that, what happened to all your commas??

Reni said...

ok ok i get it, i'm bein too preachy nowadays...well, guess wat? i've found a solution for it...thought of makin nother web-site wer i'll preach n wer ppl mite listen...n rite here in this blog, i'l b myself...wat say?...btw, i usedta put in a lotta dots, but commas?...hmmmm, i'l hav a luk into dat!