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14 July 2008


It's sure difficult to catch up with life and with what goes around...sometimes i feel like my head is spinning round and round....i've got so many things to think about, but i know i'm getting nowhere....i've got so many things to do, i've left a lot of things undone, and worst of all i sometimes feel that i'm behind in the rat race...oflate, life has taught me a lot, but for some reason i feel that i'm also missing out on a lot...for some reason, i feel that i'm not smart enough to learn and remember everything i'm taught...there are things i want to do...things i want to make...things i want to discover...things i want to invent...but at the end of it all, i give up and accept the fact tht it's okay to be "dumb" once in awhile and relaaaaaxxxxxx....i am still who i am, and nothing is gonna change that!!!


Margaret (Ritty) said...

once in a while??
what about all your other "whiles"???

Reni said...

to maggie, the other "whiles", huh?...i'm an irresponsible, careless, lazy puppy who simply refuses 2 grow up...