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04 November 2007


I’ve been thinking a lot about “suckers”, lately…you know, those kind of people who’d do anything to be influential and famous and admired by everyone and anyone and try to be the centre of attraction, all at once….they come in many forms, mind you….
Type A (the beggar):
I’ll do anything for you, provided you loooooooveeeee me ….and hey, you can use me as your door mat too to rub your feet on….i’ll do anything my love but just give me a little of your love….pleeeeeease! (yuck!sucks big time!)

Type B (the joker):

I'm ready to make myself a fool in front of everybody and anybody...hey, what better and easier way of being popular....i mean nobody can forget about the funny guy/gal who pokes jokes on others even though it hurts others at times....and you don't need brains for it...... (get a life, man!)

Type C (the false egoist):

The world is waiting for a dynamic person like me....i'm beautiful, talented and have the charm....everybodyelse is dumb, stupid and ugly......just one smile, a simple word and that guy/gal will fall at my feet..... (have a good look at your inner self and you'll realise how ugly you actually are!)

Type D (the diplomat):

you flatter me and make me known, and i'll do the same for you....(you're wasting your time)



fibinse said...

nice art.u drew that?

Ajan said...

hehehehehe!! cool one... I''ll write one on gals.. ;) (no offense meant)

Ram said...

Good catogorisation!

Thank you!( you wont understand why this is for! jus accept it!)

Rejoy said...

looks like taking psychology has finally paid off :P

... on a serious note and to be totally frank, most of us have gone through one or a mixture of all types, atleast once in our life... hopefully, some of us will learn on the way... "Guys! Listen if u have ears"... good work, girl (thumbs up)

Margaret (Ritty) said...

what bot d line of thot i wonder? a little self reflection? (kiddin)
funny as evr n i shud say d psychologist in u is shinin thru!!

Reni said...

aaah naaaaaa, i didn't....just a pic i chose @ random
hey , no offense rey!being a gurl doesn't necessarily make me a sucker.......n by the by, i did have mainly da "gals" species in mind wen i rote da post:-)
i accept, i accept....i don't get 2 hear dat word a lot of times, u kno...
yea, dats a nice reflection...but it becomes unbearable wen ppl exaggerate n believe dat it's necessary 2 belong...makes me feel like plastic(moulding 2 da situation everytime)...
hey, u tryin 2 console me abt da "shining psychologist " part?....i dun't think i can manage 2 sit thru an enitre "consoling" session wid total strangers.....