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27 April 2007


hey there!!! just wanna introduce myself and the purpose of this blog briefly. i must admit, the 1st time i was introduced to this blog buisness i wasn't really interested. i'm not in the least a person who knows how to express his/her ideas in writing (or rather typing). must also admit the fact that i'm quite ignorant in expressing my thoughts in any way. but one thing i realised was that all bloggers do get a chance to go on and on blabbering about what interests them and what may at the same time bore the majority.hey, you can't interrupt me in any way, even if you wanted to, can you? i could go on and on typing without disrupting your freedom (you could simply ignore me entirely with just a click of the mouse).
Now, coming to the purpose of this blog. it's clear from the name that i'd be publishing things of no great importance but at the same time give you something to muse on. Something that does not have substance, may not be able to get you a job, or extra cash, or the girl /guy of your dreams,or anything that is important to you. for those who are very particular about the english grammar and vocabulary, i must warn you, don't be surprised if i make huge blunders while communicating.......grammar was never my strong point....i just use words and phrases that sounds good....your corrections are always welcome. i'm the kind of person who learns from mistakes.
bitey bye for now


Kedhar said...

Good u started bloggin.. great place u got here

Reni said...

finally!...i've been waitin 4 ages 4 sumbdy 2 comment on dis post....thanx!

Ajan said...

A hearty welcome to a cyberworld..hehe!!!